Monday, February 23, 2009

More house fun

This is our friend James who has been so gracious to help us put in our new flooring. Looks like he is working while Matt and Jared Fox watch him. J/K, they also worked hard.

Here is just a glimpse at my chaos. Oh the joys of moving and remodeling.

This is our new carpet which I love!

This is our laminate flooring that Matt and James put in. It looks awesome!!!

Here is what they were doing for a little break time - breaking things and inflicting pain.

Friday, February 6, 2009

We are so blessed!

Life has been a little crazy lately and so I haven't been able to post anything for quite awhile. We haven't had internet forever and that killed me. But Matt and I have been truly blessed! We bought our first home in Lincoln. It is really cute, but needs lots of work. We repainted the entire inside and are in the process of putting in all new flooring. That doesn't include all of the little things needing to be done with a new home. So we have been busy. We have had the best help though. So much family and awesome friends willing to share their talents and time. Hours upon hours of wonderful help. Our home is looking so good. What a transformation! Thank you to everyone, we love you so much!!! Also, after finding out that we got our house, we found out that I'm pregnant! After 2.5 yrs of trying to start our little family, our many prayers have been answered. We are so blessed and grateful to our Heavenly Father. I feel nauseous and tired, but I will take it if that means a healthy baby! We love you all and I will continue to post pictures on the progress of our house.

Home remodel

Here is AJ and Tia (she is our awesome real estate agent). She also helped us pain a lot with her husband Greg.

Gene sanding out all of our drawers.

Greg (he is a professional painter and took time to help us) and Matt spraying the rooms

He is our $5 pizza for our wonderful work crew!

Grandma Minton pruning our roses

AJ being a good helper

Jared showing us his awesome sanding job. He has been over multiple times to help us.

Ryan removing all of our nasty baseboards.

Dad painting our bedroom. Mom and Dad have painted so much for us!

The back of my head and mom deep cleaning our bathroom.

Here is the family crew that helped us out most of Saturday with our new house. They are all so awesome! These were the smiles we got after announcing that we were pregnant.

More painting for Jan to do.

Becca painting with Kyra just chillin'. She did great.

Jared and Matt removed the old appliances and their gloves were just coated with nastiness!

Grandpa Minton removing all the ugly wallpaper. That was a task him and grandma conquered.

We thought we would use this stove, until we pulled it out and I almost vomited.

Jared and Matt again removing the disgusting micro and oven.