Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We finally got a picture of my pregnant belly.

Here is our little guy at our 20wk ultrasound. I am now 26 wks. He moves a lot and I love it. Sorry the pictures are blurry.

Matt is spraying out backyard to kill all of our glorious weeds.

Raking up his mess after cutting down a bunch of trees and bushes.

This is the tree, or used to be, that was in our front yard. He has been working really hard in the hot sun.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun in the sun

Brianna told Matt to "hold me this way and don't drop me". She is so funny.

Jason, Leslie and their four kids were in town and we were lucky to have them over for lunch and to play at the park. I like this panty shot of Brianna!

Adam is just a ball of fun and did whatever his dad did.

Mya is loving the swings. I have a sourpuss picture of her, but decided this was cuter.

I just love her cute face!

Leslie hiding from the sun while feeding Madelyn.

Lots of places to climb.

He is too adorable!

Jason and Adam climbing some more

A bunch of monkeys.

Jason and Leslie trying to stay cool.

She is the happiest baby ever! You can't take your eyes off of her because she is so adorable and constantly smiles at you.

I love these mid-flight pictures!

Matt and Grandma Minton. Brianna took this photo (pretty good, huh?)

Jared saying goodbye

Melanie, Lexi, Jared and Lucas at Sand Mountain

Those two broke the flag on that little jaunt.

This is what saved us from the scorching sun. It was a fun trip. No injuries.