Monday, March 9, 2009

More of the house remodel

So, here is the finished tile in our bathroom. James wasn't able to make it to help finish the grouting, so I was the lucky helper. I am so glad that I don't have to do that as a living. Ugh! This was fun to hear from Matt after 10 hrs of working on the house: "So my goal is to work until midnight and then get up at 7am." I kind of just stared at him and then replied, "we'll see how long my back holds up." But we did work until 12:30am and everything hurt. I don't think I got up until 8:30. But Matt did a really good job. Way to work hard babe!

Our office is almost complete. Just have to hang blinds and finish organizing and it's done!

We got our new couches! They are so much better than the floor. We were only supposed to get the loveseat delivered on Sat and the couch would be there within 2-4 wks. But we got both on Sat and that made my day!

Here is our grout work. Doesn't Matt look like he is having a blast.

Here is my lovely baseboard work.

There is my new dishwasher, which I love and we got our cabinets re-finished. We hired a couple of our friends that do that for a living and they did an awesome job. I love looking at them now and don't have to wash my hands after touching them! Tom and George were very generous, so thanks again!!!

This is our new entertainment center we got from IKEA. I just love that store, even though I get lost pretty easily.

Don't those drapes look awesome. My mom sewed them for me and I love them so much. After we hung them up, I just loved walking into that room. You are the best Mom!

Here is Matt installing some under the cabinet lights. He is my handy-man now.

Next, he got to install the new faucet and unclog the tube to the disposal. You don't want to know what was in that thing. I am still trying to rectify the sewer smell from our disposal.

Trying to hand drapes in the extra room so we have somewhere to sleep with some privacy.