Sunday, January 27, 2013


So January brought us some great job interviews for Matt and the beginning of his master's program. We are truly hoping that one of these jobs will work out so that I can cut back on work and be home with our beautiful children. It has been great having all this time with Emmett and Chloe while Kate grows in my tummy. We always look forward though to when Matt will walk through the doors after work. The kids love their Daddy and I am grateful for adult interaction and some back-up (of course I love him too!).  Matt was called into Elder's Quorum as the secretary and I remain the YW's president. 

                                  Emmett is loving his gymnastics class and I love watching him do so well with following instruction and waiting his turn. He likes to show us what he has learned.
                                                            Snuggle time with Daddy!

                                                                22 weeks
                                                                   37 weeks

                                                        New Year's party with our friends!
                                                 New Year's day fun in the snow with the family
                                                       Emmett and Mom
                                                         Alexis, Jared, and Dad
                                                          Mom, Chloe and Sarah
                                                             Cody, Ryan, and Rachel
                      Emmett was loving everything! He is such a dare-devil and wanted to try every sled and even went off this jump a couple of times. He sure does love life! It was hard to get him to leave.
                            Chloe wasn't a big fan of sledding and really only wanted to walk in the snow and watch everyone else. But that wore her out.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bum, bum, bum ....

Well, it looks like baby Kate wants attention of her own. We found out today that she is breech. She is more like breech/transverse. So we shall see if she rotates over the weekend and if not then I will try a version to see if the docs can get her in the correct position. If not, then it looks like a c-section. I would really like to avoid a c-section if possible with two little kids running around, but ultimately all I really care about is that Kate is safe and healthy.

Two days later I went and saw an acupuncturist to see if that would help rotate Kate. I also kept putting a bunch of pillows under my hips with my head way lower. Over the weekend it felt like she had rotated but I just wasn't sure. Well, on Monday, my doc confirmed that she was now vertex! Way to go baby girl!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


   It was a year filled with traveling, watching our beautiful children grow, accomplishing goals, and just getting busier. Matt stayed busy with his new job at Placer county sheriff's department, going back to school to work towards his Master's, teaching Primary, and running after our munchkins. I continued to work night shift at Sutter Roseville in labor and delivery finishing 5 yrs at that hospital, was called to be the young women's president in our ward (what?! was my initial response), and trying to raise our energetic kids the best I can. We have been very blessed!
   Matt and I took a couple days to go enjoy Oakland (we enjoyed the Temple) and San Francisco. Then, I had the privilege to head out to Missouri with Chloe to go help Meg (love my Sis!).
In April, Jason and I conquered a marathon in Salt Lake (check).
  Chloe turned One! She is such a happy, loving and beautiful girl. She has these killer long eyelashes that curl just perfectly (I'm not jealous or anything). She loves everything girlie and pretty. She loves to dance, sing, and play with her babies. She is tough though and will let out some ear piercing shrieks when she wants to be heard (survival of the fittest with Emmett around). She does have a feisty side. Chloe is quite fun and very busy. She doesn't sit still very often (only when she is tired, sleeping, or pooping). But when she does grab her blanket and snuggles up to you with her thumb in her mouth, it's priceless!

                                                                       Easter fun

Mud Run in Reno
 We took a family trip to Disneyland in May and Emmett about tackled Mickey in excitement. We had a blast and Emmett continues to ask when we can go again. A month or so later we found out that we were expecting baby #3!

  Matt was able to go to Alaska on a fishing trip and had a great time (something he has always wanted to do). We still have fish in our freezer!
 Emmett turned 3 this year and he keeps us on our toes. He is all boy and loves life. He has a passionate personality and tons of energy. We love his happy nature. With all his rough and tumble toughness (sword fights, wrestling, riding his bike . . . ), he does like groovin' and singing to good music, reading books, gives the best cuddles in the morning, and melts my heart when he tells me he loves me and that I'm beautiful. He is quite hilarious and such a ham. It always amazes me how quick he is, even when I don't think he is listening half the time. He is excited to have another little sister soon!

  We ventured out again in September as a family to Oregon for some motorcycle riding. Both Emmett and Chloe loved the dirt and daily rides.

We had a cute Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween.

  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas (which always seem to come and go so quickly). We loved seeing our kids enthusiasm and excitement during the holidays. This year has been a little crazy, but we wouldn't have changed anything. We are looking forward to another year filled with love, happiness, and some craziness mixed in.