Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Madelyn! Get well Leslie!

Here is our new niece, Madelyn Johnson. We went up to Reno to see Jason and Leslie and their new addition. They had a little scare and we all felt like we needed to be there to make sure they knew that we loved them and were there if they needed us.

And the cute older brother, Adam.

Here is the cute girl. She was content being passed around.

And here is Jason, the proud daddy!

Leslie was a proud mommy, but she was stuck in the ICU so I don't have pics of her yet.

Uncle Ryan and Madelyn.

Matt is so good with the little ones.

And funny as ever, Brianna just couldn't get enough of her little sister!

This video of Brianna is so cute.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've been speared!

What is your husbands name? Matthew David Wooden
How long have you been married? 3.5 glorious yrs
How long did you date? We dated off and on throughout High School and then about a year after his mission. So probably about 3 yrs.
How old is he? 24 and can't wait for 25 so we can avoid the extra rental car fees.
Who eats more sweets? Probably me. Matt disagrees though. He does like his Reeses.
Who said I love you first? Matt and I just stared at him. I was in shock and still in high school for my defense!
Who is taller? Matt most surely is.
Who can sing the best? Well, were both not bad. He has a really good voice but doesn't believe me. He rocks at the vocals for Rock Band.
Who is smarter? We both have our strengths. I did well in school, but we compliment each other pretty well.
Who does the laundry? Moi, unless it is piled so high and he doesn't have anything to wear. Or if I ask him to do a little he will. But I like to do it so I can know for sure that certain clothes don't get dried. (A little type A coming out).
Who pays the bills?We both do. I tend to take care of most of it and keep track of our budget, but again it is because of my type A control issue. Oh well, it's working.

Who mows the lawn? Our imaginary lawn doesn't need it. It always looks awesome! But Matt most likely will when we have our own place.
Who cooks dinner? Me. I like to cook and try new recipes. Usually my dinners involve more veggies. Matt is a great help in the kitchen though.
Who drives? Matt usually does.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Matt and here are his own words "Me, because usually I am." Gotta love him. I think both of us try hard to see the other's point of view. Sometimes it just takes me a few more minutes.
Who kissed who first? Matt kissed me first. I wanted him to kiss me earlier but he wouldn't because he just finished a basketball game and had 'cotton mouth'. So I had to wait.
Who asked who out first? That would be Matt. He was persistant over many years. I tried to push him away many times, but I knew deep down that I loved him. I finally accepted my true feelings and knew that I had to keep this awesome guy!
Who wears the pants? Matt does, but my opinion does count =)

I love you so much Matt! You are an awesome husband and keep me laughing!

I am tagging Terie Young!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fondue Party

Above is James Fox and Steve Wallace. James is trying to look tough.

Emily Wooden invited a bunch of friends and family over for a fondue part. We had quite the set-up.

Here is Matt bein' funny. We had a good time.

Emily Guthrie and Jared Fox

Travis Guthrie, Ryan, and Josh Wooden

I got to hold Kyra

Emily, Becca Wooden, and Rachel Johnson