Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Growing so quick!

We are staying busy and trying to enjoy the little moments with eachother. There are events occurring in the world today that are a bit depressing. But Emmett says to me,"You know, when you are scared, you can pray to God and he will help you." So sweet and true! Never mind that he was initially talking about haunted houses ; )
                                            We just love summer time! Even if we get days that are 108 deg. bleh
                                            Father's Day! The kids were so excited to show Matt his gift.
                                            Emmett is just a fun boy who loves his sisters.

                                           Our Chloe and Kate are getting so big. Such sweet girls!

                                     We love our happy Kate who is now rolling all over the place at not quite 5                            months.

                                           Chloe is able to hold still long enough to hold Kate. Pretty good considering she        just runs everywhere else =)

                                            Bath time is a happy time for the kids and messy time for mom.

                                           Getting so big!