Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vacation in Missouri

Matt and I, Dad, Mom, Jared, and Lucas all flew to Missouri over spring break. We came to visit Meg and Ben in Kirksville and then spent a couple of days visiting church history sites. Poor Ben had to study and go to school most of the time, but we enjoyed the times we did get with him. We had a great time, but man was it cold. Sorry the pictures are out of order.

We are at Carthage Jail in Illinios

Dad with the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Carthage Jail

Jared, Jess, Matt, Meg, Dad, Mom, and Lucas inside the jail

Matt and President Ludwig. While we were in Nauvoo, Matt ran into his Mission President from the Colorado Mission. What a small world!

Burial sites of Hyrum, Emma, and Joseph Smith Jr.

Matt on the bank of the Mississippi river. Looks a little cold.

We got a wagon ride with two big oxen pulling us.

These two oxen weighed 2,500 lb each.

As we walked along the Trail of Hope in Nauvoo, there were journal exerpts from pioneers as they left Nauvoo for Salt Lake. It is pretty amazing the trials they endured. The trail heads to the Mississippi river.

This is the view of the Temple as we walked down the Trail of Hope.

The clan in one of the old pioneer's homes.

Guns from the 1800s. Matt liked these.

A quick glance at old Nauvoo, IL. We got to spend two days in Nauvoo. The first day we spent at the Temple and the 2nd we toured around Historic Nauvoo.

The gorgeous Nauvoo Temple.

A statue of Hyrum and Joseph Smith Jr. with a view overlooking historic Nauvoo. What an amazing place to be.

We ventured out at night to see the Temple all lit up. It was breathtaking and it was also freezing outside.

Dad, Ben, Megan, Jess

One day we drove to Jamesport which is an Omish community.

We continued on to Adam-Ondi-Ahman and that was wonderful. Looking over the valley.

It was so windy!

Matt enjoyed this.

Stores around Jamesport.

Passing a horse and buggy.

Countryside as we drove to Kirksville, MO to see Meg and Ben

Matt and I spent a day in dowtown Kansas City and it was so cold. We ate some good BBQ and looked around the city.


The Drinkwater Family said...

Looks cold, but like a lot of fun! I've never been able to visit the church history sites, so I'm jealous!

Michele said...

I bet that was a lot of fun to go with your family to visit your sister. I went on a Nauvoo tour with BYU-Idaho years ago. I love the pictures you took, they made me remember a lot. I think those church sites are amazing. Someday I want to go back to go inside the temple. The week we went, they were closed for cleaning. Thanks for the walk on memory lane.

Michele said...

Oh by the way, we haven't forgotten to have you guys over yet. We will figure out a time soon.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool you got to do that. What a great experience and to be with family during it. Johnson's are such a great family (in-laws included).

Anonymous said...

Great pics of you and the family. I remember going there in the heat of August, years ago. It was tough enjoying all the great sights with the heat....I'm sure the cold was a bit tough too! What a wonderful trip to remember!